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Speaking at a (paid) gig at the National Automobile Dealers Association's annual conference, Hillary Clinton talked cars, Benghazi, and 2016. People seem to be mostly interested in the fact that she hasn't driven a car since 1996.

It's a weird little data point, to be sure, but one that's easily explained: transitioning from First Lady to senator to presidential candidate to Secretary of State in short order would tend to suggest she isn't spending a lot of time tooling around Chappaqua in a Bentley. She claims that after she drove in 1996, the Secret Service somehow suggested that she not do so again, which is kind of rude.

The International Business Times walked through her automotive history from birth to 1996: a $220 1963 Oldsmobile Cutlass, a Fiat that was later stolen. Bill had an El Camino, naturally. Let this serve as a reminder to any potential presidential foes in 2016: Hillary Clinton knows how to tailor a speech to an audience.

Speaking of 2016! Hillary is soooo tired of people talking about 2016. CNN's Steve Brusk quoted a response on the topic Clinton gave during a question-and-answer period: "I'm not thinking about it. I'm trying to get others not to think about it." If you believe either of those two things, I have an Oldsmobile Cutlass to sell you.

Clinton also said that the attack at Benghazi was her biggest regret from her time at the State Department. "It was a terrible tragedy losing four Americans: two diplomats and two CIA operatives," Brusk quotes her saying.

Actual politics aside, Clinton did assuage any concerns Americans might have had about how down to Earth she could be given that she hasn't driven in 18 years. She likes dogs!

Imagine if your mom told a bunch of auto dealers about how eager she was for you to have kids.

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