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The 1,582-page budget bill has now passed the House of Representatives and Senate. The Senate voted 72-26 for the measure today, leaving it to President Obama to sign.

All Senate Democrats voted for the bill, as did two Independents and 17 Republicans. The 26 votes against were, unsurprisingly, cast by Republicans.

One Republican who voted against it was Ted Cruz, who used the vote to once again rail against Obamacare. Though he tried to convince other Republicans to join him at an earlier lunch, as Texas' other Senator, John Cornyn (who isn't exactly Cruz' best friend) told Bloomberg, he was left to go this one on his own.

"That's the amazing thing about the Senate, it just takes one person who thinks it's a good idea to do it,” Cornyn said.

In the end, Cruz' last stand was much briefer than his 21 hour "fakeibuster" last year: just 17 minutes, in which he proposed two Obamacare-defunding amendments that had no hope of passing:

Barbara Mikulski objected to both of Cruz' amendments, and that was it. Cruz "politely left" the floor.

Once Obama signs the bill, our government will be funded through September 30.



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