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That didn't take long: six New Jersey residents have filed a federal lawsuit over the possibly revenge-motivated George Washington Bridge toll lane closures that caused massive traffic jams in Fort Lee.

According to the AP, the suit is against "Gov. Chris Christie, the state of New Jersey, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, and others."

The New York Post is reporting that the six plaintiffs, who are looking for "unspecified damages," were late for work as a result of the traffic. Also, one of them -- who apparently had never driven a car before last September -- had a traffic-induced panic attack:

Fort Lee resident Joy Galicki was headed to work in the Diamond District when she hit gridlock.

'She was having panic attack,' Arnold said. 'She was surrounded by other cars and there was no where to go. She had to get out of the car to throw up.'

Two of the plaintiffs were late for their job at the Law Offices of Rosemarie Arnold. Arnold is the personal injury attorney who filed the suit. Her offices, the website notes, "is conveniently located less than 1 mile south of the George Washington Bridge."

It doesn't appear that the family of the 91-year-old woman who died after her ambulance was stuck in bridge traffic will be joining the suit. Florence Genova's daughter told The New York Times' Nate Schweber that she didn't blame the traffic for her mother's death. She also said Genova was very secretive about her age, so much so that not even her own two children knew it. And now we all know.

Incidentally, Genova voted for Chris Christie.


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