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Ann Romney isn't sad her husband lost the presidency for her sake — she's sad on behalf of America. And she still regularly runs into people who are sad Romney lost in 2012, probably at the country club.

The coulda-been-First Lady appeared on Fox News Friday morning to talk Mitt the movie (which is good) and, of course, Mitt the man who, his wife says, is "a pretty independent, wonderful guy."

Romney ("Best-selling author," per the chyron) "always believed [Mitt] was going to be the president of the United States," she tells Fox's Bill Hemmer. When he didn't: "We lost, but truly the country lost, by not having Mitt as president." Then she decides that she'll "be polite and nice and not comment" on how she actually thinks Obama's second term is going. We tried to guess her opinion on the topic and were unable to do so.

Responding to reports that Mitt leads in a early 2016 New Hampshire poll (despite his not running), Ann said she wasn't surprised. "I run across people all the time and they're still really upset about the election," Romney says. "They're still really sad." Then she left the studio, perhaps destined for one of the Romney family's various houses scattered around the country.

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