War on Christmas Is Over: We Made Bin Laden's House Out of Gingerbread

It may be December 31, but one U.S. Army officer still has plenty of good ol' American holiday cheer. 

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It may be December 31, but one U.S. Army officer still has plenty of good ol' American holiday cheer. The officer (who told us he values his anonymity, and would prefer to be known as Steve) reconstructed the Abottabad compound in Pakistan in gingerbread. Yes, that's the compound where Navy SEALs captured and killed Osama bin Laden on May 2, 2011. Christmas wins the war on Christmas, and also the war on terror.

Steve told The Wire, "I'm kind of a national security geek." He's currently on leave from Ft. Bragg for the holidays. It all started as a competition between Steve and another national security tweeter, who goes by Betsy Ross. She's currently constructing her own Gingerbread Abbottabad, which Steve expects to be "10 times better" than his. Another natsec tweeter, @AnniesPerson, will be judging the friendly competition. This has been a multi-day project.

Steve's wife documented the planning and beginning construction:

Steve even made the gingerbread himself. "I've never baked anything," he says.

Update, 12:42 pm: Here's the final product.

While this was certainly a challenging undertaking, Steve still had fun.

Steve credits his wife and mom for egging him on to finish the project while he's on leave. They've been "wonderful sports," he says. You can follow @CombatCavScout and #Gingerabottabad for further updates on by far the most interesting gingerbread project this holiday season.

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