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George H.W. Bush's legacy and greatest contribution to the American people may be his socks. And years from now, when the human race is enslaved by an alien race and hope dims, someone will look back on December 3, 2013 — the day the 41st president of the United States of America wore socks with his face emblazoned on them. Bush donned these magic socks on Tuesday when he accepted the Lyndon B. Johnson Foundation award in Houston for his public service and government career. 

And a closer look at Bush's foot fabric:

Bush's sartorial sock choice have been an object of fascination for the media. They're some of the most interesting and powerful policy moves the president has made in recent months, and in each photo-op he's been in, he's dazzled us with more a pair more wondrous than the last.

This is a pink pair that he wore in April:

He wore these candy cane dandies (which looks like the base of the ones he wore on Tuesday) in July:

In September, he visited fellow former President Bill Clinton and chose a pair of dazzling cactus-inspired socks (which he later donated to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Maine so they could auction them off). "I absolutely love a crazy pair of socks … Barbara, on the other hand, has had enough," he said at the time. 

And he wore these slick "GB" socks last month during a Raiders-Texans football game:

It goes without saying that these socks pale in comparison to the face socks the former president wore. But they still leave us with questions, the primary one being: who is responsible for these majestic socks? Who actually transposed the president's face onto socks? And where can we buy them? The answer isn't so obvious and the Internet searches so far have not turned up any vendors. Whoever you are, please speak up. 

Bush's socks were so awesome that they moved my colleague Philip Bump's spirit to start photoshopping Bush's face on everything, (including the tiny statue). 

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