Stop What You're Doing and Watch John Kerry Fist Bump Snoop Dogg

Well, this happened.

US Secretary of State John Kerry (C) leaves after delivering a speech during a press conference at the CICG (Centre International de Conferences Geneve) after talks over Iran's nuclear programme in Geneva on November 24, 2013. World powers on November 24 agreed a landmark deal with Iran halting parts of its nuclear programme in what US President Barack Obama called 'an important first step'. According to details of the accord agreed in Geneva provided by the White House, Iran has committed to halt uranium enrichment above purities of five percent. (National Journal)

Video of a rare encounter surfaced on the Internet Thursday. John Kerry — the secretary of State, former senator, and ex-presidential candidate — had met Snoop Dogg, rap superstar turned born-again Rastafarian, at a White House party earlier this month. Upon meeting, they proceeded to fist bump.

The evidence. "Ooh, he gave me the pound," the secretary said, as his wife's attention was directed elsewhere.