President Clinton Doodled Male Genitalia (We Think) and It Was Glorious

This is totally a depiction of a sexual organ right?

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The image above comes from the hacker Guccifer, who reportedly got access to the Clinton Library and allegedly obtained unreleased doodles. Guccifer famously broke into George W. Bush's emails and revealed that the former preisdent paints dogs. Now Gawker got a hold of Bill Clinton's doodles.

That said, there's one set of doodles that grabbed our attention and stood out more than the rest:

And the reason it grabbed our attention is because of a doodle that appears to be a penis:

That's a penis right?  Don't get me wrong, any president doodling a penis on an official secret document is pretty fascinating. But there isn't a president in the modern era with a stronger a connection to male genitalia than President Clinton.

The doodles appear on a document about Slobodan Milošević — the former Yugoslavian president who was charged with war crimes. What you'll notice is that Clinton drew images (in a word-association type of exercise) alongside the printed names. He drew a dragon (and a self portrait?) next to the name Milošević

And he drew a chef with a UN uniform frying things next to the word "fry":

Near that penis doodle, is the sentence "Milosevic who has indicated to negotiators that he wants near-total sanctions relief" and there's also a reference to Viagra spokesman Bob Dole, something about a UN resolution and what looks like a chicken bone. Just like you, our brains are trying to figure how: penises, a single chicken leg, Bob Dole, Milosevic, and relief = penis. It's like weird, horny-smart person hieroglyphics.

In our unscientific psychological portrait, we're going to assume we want to hope that President Clinton isn't mean enough to make fun of Bob Dole's impotence— Pfizer hired Dole in 1998, the same year that sanctions against FRY were imposed. The specific timing of when these doodles were allegedly created are unclear.

Giving Clinton the benefit of the doubt, we're going to go with the idea that the doodled penis is referring to Milošević and "total sanctions relief", which is "greater than" the chicken leg, which may not be "total relief" ...

...or not. You know,  it could just be a saxophone or something.

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