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Everybody likes to have fun at the holidays, national politicians included. And so our revered senators and congressmen made some quality dad jokes on Twitter Monday morning. They just "get" it — memes, that is!

Republican Rep. Thomas Massie sent out budget deal analysis in #doge style. 

For those who are not fluent in "doge," he is a Shibe dog that "speaks" with comic fonts and horrible grammar and loves the word wow.

Rep. Steve Stockman's senate campaign also sent out a doge joke about Sen. John Cornyn, but it's not as good. Stockman is running for Cornyn's seat in 2014. 

Aside from "wow," the words in the photo are just phrases, not doge-isms. Please get it together, Representative. This cool, millennial meme is dead forever now.

Meanwhile, Sen. Rand Paul has been making the best dad jokes of all — Seinfeld jokes. He performed the traditional Festivus "airing of grievances" on Twitter this morning, using the opportunity to complain about the budget deal and the Fed. LOL!

He also mentioned cafeteria food and his beloved turtlenecks, just to let you know he's real.

Finally, he called out Sen. Cory Booker. Don't worry, Booker "gets" it, too.

This kind of Twitter banter isn't new for Paul and Booker — both are active on the site and play to young fan bases of libertarians and liberals, respectively. Stockman and Massie are stretching themselves by comparison. And Paul's ribbing may just lead to bipartisan legislation on marijuana: 

Looks like Booker and Paul found common ground — through lulz! Much win! 

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