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In an unparalleled attack on Wednesday, a member of the extended Obama family harassed a young child in the White House and knocked her to the ground. The assault was committed by Sunny, the family's new dog, even as First Lady Michelle Obama tried in vain to keep her excitement — fury? — in check.

Video from the scene shows Sunny's head rising into the frame as Michelle pulls back on her leash, saying, "OK, OK, OK" to the dog as she jumped up on a cute little girl in a black coat.

Via the Washington Examiner.

But Michelle's efforts were in vain.

Sunny, as we've noted before, was the subject of criticism shortly after she arrived at the mansion, with skeptical patriots noting the similarity of her name to the word "Sunni," a branch of Islam. We will update this post with any new theories about Sunny's behavior as they appear on conspiracy websites. Or, of course, impeachment hearings.

Update, 4:30 p.m.: Now the "lamestream media" is reporting that the little girl tripped and wasn't actually knocked over by Sunny. Paging House Oversight.

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