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George Zimmerman, the guy that killed Trayvon Martin and who has a complicated personal life, has made a painting that he would like to sell you.

According to Orlando's News 13, the painting, a blue representation of the American flag on which excerpts of the Pledge of Allegiance are printed, has been confirmed as authentic by Zimmerman's brother. It is for sale at eBay and, as of now, is selling for $212. Plus, $40 for shipping. As of last month, Zimmerman was apparently $2.5 million in debt, or, 11,000 pictures.

The description of the piece on eBay includes a funny joke about the time Zimmerman followed a teenager around until killing him. "My art work allows me to reflect, providing a therapeutic outlet and allows me to remain indoors :-)," he writes. "I hope you enjoy owning this piece as much as I enjoyed creating it. Your friend, George Zimmerman." Your friend George Zimmerman also signed the lower-left corner of the painting.

It's not clear how Zimmerman created the piece; it looks pretty good for a novice painter. The lettering is probably appliqué, we suspect. One member of The Wire staff had to have the "GOD" / "ONE NATION" reference explained: Zimmerman is saying that the United States is "one nation, under God." We hope that helps.

Perhaps there is a therapist out there that recommends that polarizing figures named George turn to art. Who knows. So far, this is the only eBay offering from Zimmerman (assuming it is actually from Zimmerman; the News 13 sourcing is pretty vague). Zimmerman's eBay account does not currently have any reviews from other users so, you know, buyer beware.

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