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The first trailer for Mitt, the Netflix documentary portraying the 2012 campaign from the perspective of Mitt Romney, was released on Wednesday morning. It does not appear to be uplifting. It opens with the grim-faced Romney family sitting in a hotel room as one of Romney's sons says, "I just can't believe you're going to lose." "Yeah," Romney says. "So what do you think you say in a concession speech?" he asks. (Romney famously didn't write one before election night.) "By the way, does someone have a number for the president?" Someone did.

Granted, it's probably hard to make an upbeat, fun movie about how a man's life-long dreams were dashed over the course of 12 months. But the trailer is unrelentingly bleak. It walks through typical campaign moments — you see Romney preparing for debates, emerging from his campaign plane into a cheering crowd, having been introduced as the "next president" of the United States — but with Romney's signature awkwardness. You actually see the moment he realizes that he's lost. And there's the behind-the-scenes stuff, like Mitt ironing his suit cuff as he's still wearing it for some reason. Ann Romney tells the camera, "I don't think I can do this anymore."

Again, this looks like the best of the recent crop of 2012-inspired entertainment. It comes out on January 24, probably intentionally waiting until after America has recovered from its wave of holiday-inspired depression.

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