The Weird, Wonderful World of Right-Wing Art

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The art world never fails to surprise — first George W. Bush becomes an accomplished painter (of pets and Jay Leno), and now a burgeoning right-wing art movement is taking over the Internet. For your enjoyment, the Right-Wing Art tumblr began collecting melancholy oil paintings of Andrew Breitbart this week.

Here, Breitbart contemplates hashtag-War (artist unknown). That's a reference to Breitbart's ominous promise of "War!" with the left in the Hating Breitbart documentary trailer. You can buy the painting on Etsy for $45.

rightwingart, Tumblr

Here's an offering from Dan Lacey, the "Painter of Pancakes," featuring Speaker John Boehner's tears.

rightwingart, Tumblr

Lacey has also painted President Obama riding a unicorn, naked. 

Painter Denny Pinkham went with an Anthony Weiner joke. Unfortunately, it looks like the work has been sold.

rightwingart, Tumblr 

And here, a cartoon artist who simply goes by Dale offers us the best social commentary of our time. Ann Coulter encouraging Gov. Chris Christie to drink the Obama Kool-Aid. (Note how Obama holds a "Marxie" cup instead of a Dixie cup.)

rightwingart, Tumblr

Oh, and please, feast your eyes upon Margaret Thatcher as an angel of the Lord. Artist Ben Moore displayed this painting around the time of her death.

Update: The Daily Caller's Jordan Bloom (who curates points out that this painting is actually a play on Rubens' Assumption of the Virgin Mary — Thatcher is standing in for the Mother of God. 

rightwingart, Tumblr

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