The Tea Party, Establishment Republican Divide in 7 Charts

It's not just climate change. There's a gulf between the factions of the party on several issues.

National Journal

A solid majority of the tea party does not believe in climate change. Its members don't believe it is happening due to human activity, nor by natural climatic patterns beyond our control. They don't believe there is "solid evidence," despite the overwhelming scientific consensus on the issue. Very few of them, just 2 percent, say they unsure about global warming.

But here's the thing: Their views are in sharp contrast with their fellow Republicans. According to a Pew poll released Friday, while a majority (60 percent) of non-tea-party Republicans believe in climate change, only 25 percent of tea partiers do. This has become a familiar pattern. The tea party doesn't look much like the establishment Republican base, in many regards. We compiled some polls below in an interactive to demonstrate the divide. Click to see the different perspectives the tea party and non-tea party Republicans have. (Note that different organizations may define "tea party" in slightly different terms.)

The Tea Party Vs. The GOP in Six Charts 5. Views of the Tea Party 6. Should a House Member Go With Their Constituents, Or With Whats in the Best Interest For the Country? | Create infographics