Thank God It's Mitt Romney

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Our favorite candidate to ever lose a presidential election is back in the press this month thanks to Obamacare's rocky rollout. Mitt Romney, as the left likes to point out, enacted a health care law not so different from Obamacare when he was governor of Massachusetts. And so now that Obamacare is failing in some regard, Romney is unexpectedly relevant, and we get to have him back on TV. And what a gift that is. 

On Friday he visited the third-ranking network morning show, CBS This Morning, with his wife Ann. Mitt tried to keep the focus on Obama's "dishonesty" on Obamacare, insisting that "what starts twisted, stays twisted." Thankfully, Ann kept things from getting too serious. 

She noted that it's "frustrating to watch" her husband not be president. But the Romneys seem to be in agreement that Mitt won't run again, although Mitt did call 2012 "a fabulous experience. I loved it!" 

We did too. Most importantly, the Romneys got to talk about Anne's new cookbook, blessing us with this photo. 

Mitt Romney for every morning show! 

GIF via Ethan Klapper, photo via CBS. 

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