Sasha Obama Is So Over Her Dad

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At Wednesday's (weird, gross) presidential turkey pardon, Sasha Obama's always-just-beneath-the-surface annoyance with the corny necessities of her dad's job were on full display.

Of course, she's 12, an age at which even kids with normal parents start to see the adults' behavior as horrifying and terrible. If your father's job requires that 1) you always be on camera and 2) that he do really dumb things like pretend to bless a turkey, normal tween mortification is obviously amplified.

At no point in the turkey pardoning did Sasha look at all happy about it. When the camera pulled back to show President Obama's two daughters, Sasha stood sullenly, looking at the ground. (Malia, a trooper, smiled and brushed her bangs off her forehead.)

Via Dorsey Shaw

When Obama actually did the pardoning, Sasha was unimpressed by the bird, and gave her dad the side-eye. Her attitude was poorly hidden; "sasha is *over this*," Marketplace's Lizzie O'Leary tweeted. And she is, clearly. Everyone knows that look in a kid's eye.

And then, when the brief ceremony was over, Sasha was the first to turn back toward the White House, lifting her eyebrows slightly at Malia as if to say, "Come on."

To be fair: This is precisely how everyone would have acted at the age of 12. But Sasha has been sassing her dad on TV for a while now.

During Obama's speech at the 2012 Democratic convention, Obama made a joke about the kids having homework to do. Sasha was not amused.

When he won, Sasha, Malia, and Michelle joined Obama on stage for his second inaugural address. And it was boring.

Chin up, kid. Only 1,150 days left until there's a new president, and only three more turkey pardonings. The important thing, as anyone who has graduated from his or her teenage years can tell you, is to get all of the crankiness out of your system by yelling at your parents in private and refusing to do what they want until the last minute. Or maybe threaten to become a Republican. Obama may not negotiate with terrorists, but he'll probably come to the bargaining table for you.

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