Rand Paul Is Taking His Column to Breitbart

Amidst accusations of repeated instances of plagiarism, Rand Paul is taking his recently-canned regular column in The Washington Times over to Breitbart News.

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Amidst accusations of repeated instances of plagiarism, Rand Paul is taking his recently-canned regular column in The Washington Times over to Breitbart News, which seems to have no problem with giving the embattled Senator a new place to share his thoughts—and maybe others' as well.

The popular conservative website to care to namecheck Sen. Paul's former home in its announcement of the move:

Breitbart News reported last month that it has gone through a period of exponential growth. The conservative media outlet has surpassed websites such as Politico, the Daily Beast, and The Washington Times, according to web traffic analytics firm Alexa.

Doug Stafford, a political aide to the Senator, told Breitbart that "Paul is pleased to partner with Bretibart [sic] News and looks forward to the new, wider audience for his columns."

The announcement cites Paul's statement on broadening the appeal of the Republican Party and his criticism of the government's drone program, but unsurprisingly makes no mention of the plagiarism charges that led to Paul being forced to seek a new home for his writing.

Commentators were quick to seize on Paul's move to the far-right publication:

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