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Did you know that Obamacare gives people STDs? It's completely true, according to a cartoon that's going around, and it is why President Obama should be impeached, probably.

We'll start with the cartoon, created by "comically incorrect" cartoonist A. F. Branco.

As you might have noticed, it's a play on the widely-derided "brosurance" ads released by the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative. Those ads are focused on getting young people enrolled in the Obamacare health exchanges — a key component of making the law work. If not enough young people enroll, the affordable plans covering mostly older people and those with pre-existing conditions could become less affordable, since there isn't enough money for insurers to meet costs.

Along with the "brosurance" ads, targeting young college dudes who get injured doing keg stands like idiots, there were also ads targeting young women, noting that they — like those bros — like to have sex. This is not news: young people like to have sex. Older people do too, of course, but for older people the immediacy of medical care can be manifested in a variety of unpleasant ways. For young people who are generally healthy, accidents and sexual health are two good ways to remind them that health insurance makes sense.

But, of course, we live in an often reactionary and still weirdly Puritanical country, in which a woman's testimony before Congress on the need for birth control coverage as a standard health requirement prompts weeks and weeks of people suggesting that she is a slut who wants the government to pay for her to be a slut indefinitely.

And so we get things like the cartoon above and this "hilarious parody."


Get it? It's a joke, but with a message. Now that there's health coverage for women — whose primary focus in life is sexual impropriety and luring men into terrible situations — we have to pay for the corruption of American society and, more importantly, the ruination of man. They want venereal diseases because they are fun and because they will make men unhappy.

Mostly though, it's too bad the guys in these funny jokes didn't bother to get Obamacare. Could have helped with all the herpes.

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