Monica Lozano and Border Portraits

Leveraging her experience in Ciudad Juarez before getting a master's degree, El Paso, Texas, photographer Monica Lozano focuses on individuals who live along the borders across the world. The 2010 Inside Out event along the Rio Grande included many of her portraits.

Monica Lozano pastes one of the more than 1,000 portraits adhered to the Rio Grande canal banks in October 2011. (National Journal)
Volunteers display portraits to be pasted along the Rio Grande, part of the Inside Out project in October 2011. (National Journal)
Volunteers paste portraits along the Rio Grande between Juarez and El Paso in October 2011, part of the InsideOut project. (National Journal)
Volunteers paste some of the portraits along the Rio Grande border, separating El Paso and Juarez, as part of the 2011 Inside Out project. (National Journal)
An image by Monica Lozano inspired by a news photo of a man who tried to smuggle himself across the U.S.-Mexican border in 2006. (National Journal)