Michael Bloomberg Is Not Impressed with Bill de Blasio

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The election of Bill de Blasio to New York City mayor on Tuesday was read as a rejection of outgoing mayor Michael Bloomberg. In a meeting between the two today, Bloomberg looked none too happy about it. 

WNYC politics reporter Brigid Bergin snapped the photo of a less-than excited Bloomberg speaking to de Blasio at the "Bull Pen," the mayor's main city hall office. With his arms crossed, head turned away, and slumped shoulders, Bloomberg didn't seem to be taking kindly to talking to his soon-to-be successor. What's making Bloomberg look so unhappy? Could it be de Blasio's choice of a can of soda for the meeting, as The Wire's Allie Jones noted? Or perhaps Bloomberg felt intimidated by the ten-inch height difference between the two?

As the Internet does, Photoshop wizards quickly took to the scene. The New York Times' Dave Itzkoff likened Bloomberg to the unimpressed face of McKayla Maroney, and designer Eric Gordon dropped an appropriate Grumpy Cat onto the scene.

For his part, de Blasio certainly relished Bloomberg's discomfort, as the AP photo of the meeting shows. And to be fair, Bloomberg is not the most effusive dude around, even when he's not talking to his successor. 

De Blasio shouldn't rub it in too much, though; Bloomberg is still mayor through the end of 2013.

(Top image: Brigid Bergin via Twitter)

This article is from the archive of our partner The Wire.