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Liz Cheney's bid to be Wyoming's next senator has hit two stumbling blocks: her iffy residency status and her touchy relationship with the rest of her family. On Monday, Cheney unveiled a new ad that sought to tackle both things at once, trotting out her daughters to tell her family's history. Unfortunately, it only adds one more vote to Cheney's in-family tally.

Given that family patriarch Dick Cheney spent decades working in Washington, D.C., the Cheneys have an understandably nomadic history. Or, better: bipolar. In August, Liz's residency became a public issue when she got a fishing license after falsely claiming she'd lived in the state for a year. So here come the Cheney girls.

The ad is trying to do three things. First, establish that Cheney is too from Wyoming. Second, to point out to female voters that Liz Cheney is a woman with daughters, whereas her opponent, incumbent Republican Mike Enzi, is not a woman. And, third, to show that at least some members of Cheney's family are happy to stand beside her.

This became something worth questioning last week, when Cheney told Fox News that she opposed same-sex marriage — including the one between her sister Mary and Mary's wife. Liz's In the wake of that statement, Mary told Politico that she opposed Liz's candidacy. Well, Liz's new ad seems to say, these people support me.

Given the happy family presented in Cheney's ad, we figured it was worth assessing the complete vote tally Cheney can expect from the extended Cheney clan at this point.

There are three important criteria: Is this person old enough to vote? Does this person live in Wyoming? and, Is this person supporting Liz Cheney? 

Who Relationship to Liz Old enough? In Wyoming? Support Liz? Vote for Liz?
Liz Cheney self Yes Yes Yes Yes
Philip J. Perry husband Yes Yes (1) Yes Yes
Kate Perry daughter Yes, 19 Yes Yes Yes
Elizabeth Perry daughter No, 16 Yes Yes No
Grace Perry daughter No, 13 Yes Yes No
Philip R. Perry son No, 9 Yes Yes (3) No
Richard Perry son No, 7 Yes Yes (3) No
Dick Cheney father Yes Sort of (2) Yes (4) Yes
Lynne Cheney mother Yes Sort of (2) Yes Yes
Mary Cheney sister Yes No No No
Heather Poe sister-in-law ("in fifteen states") Yes No No No
Barack Obama father's eighth cousin Yes No Unknown (5) No

(1) We called the Wyoming Secretary of State; Perry is registered to vote in Teton County.
(2) The elder Cheneys have houses in Jackson, Wyoming, and McLean, Virginia.
(3) The boys appear in Cheney's new ad, although they don't have speaking roles.
(4) Cheney weighed in on the same-sex marriage debate on the side of the daughter running for office.
(5) You never know.

So instead of the four votes Cheney had lined up last week, now she's at five, with the addition of Kate. Not great. But given recent polls showing Cheney trailing by over 50 points, every little vote counts.

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