Has Enrolled At Least 40,000 in Private Plans

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According to "people familiar" with, the struggling website enrolled 40,000 to 50,000 individuals in private plans from October 1 through last week, reports Louise Radnofsky of The Wall Street Journal. The administration is set to release official numbers later this week. 

This is good and bad news for the administration. While predictions of 500,000 enrollees by the end of October seem laughable, 50,000 sounds a lot better than six. Also, that number doesn't include new enrollments in Medicaid, which have made up the bulk of enrollments for many of the states. Basically, as much as sucks, some people have managed to make it all the way through the process. And as the Journal notes, the 15 non-federal exchanges have seen a total of 49,000 enrollments, while states like California haven't shared their enrollment information yet. 

Of course, there are still more questions than answers. The Obama administration has not said whether it has fixed the problem that caused insurers to get incorrect applications, or the incorrect subsidy estimates. It's possible a fraction of those 40,000 to 50,000 aren't enrolled in the right plans. We also don't know the ages of those enrollees, though earlier reports have implied that the average age of enrollees has been closer to 50 than, ideally, 40. Then again, it's still early in the game. 

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