106,000 Americans Enrolled in the Obamacare Exchange Last Month

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About 106,000 Americans enrolled in health insurance plans through the Obamacare exchanges in October, according to numbers released by the White House today. 27,000 of those enrollments were through the Healthcare.gov federal exchange that serves 36 states, while 79,000 were through 15 state-run marketplaces (the District of Columbia also has its own exchange). That's about 870 sign-ups a day, or a little over one sign-up every two minutes. 

Here's a map of the enrollees by state:

The Obama administration, for reference, predicted that 500,000 people would enroll in private plans purchased through the health care exchanges in month one. However, the administration admitted before Wednesday's announcement that the exchanges did not meet that goal: "no one will be satisfied with the numbers because they will be below what we sought," Press Secretary Jay Carney said in the daily press briefing Wednesday afternoon. 

But the report, available in full here, doesn't answer all of the important questions out there on the first months of enrollments. As ProPublica pointed out, the number of young, healthy enrollments in the health insurance exchanges is arguably just as important as the raw number of sign-ups. 

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Today's numbers roughly correspond with earlier reports providing estimates of enrollments so far, although the actual federal enrollment numbers are slightly less than previously thought. According to The Washington Post's sources, about 530,000 people had enrolled in health insurance since October 1st, but a vast majority of those enrollments were through medicaid, and not through the healthcare exchanges. Before Sebelius's announcement, the Post reported that about 40,000 people had enrolled through individual state exchanges, with another 40,000 enrollments through the troubled Healthcare.gov. Thirty-six states rely on the federal Healthcare.gov site to sign up their residents for insurance. 

Previously, the Congressional Budget Office estimated that 7 million Americans would sign up in the exchanges in 2014, all but 1 million of whom would earn a subsidy. The 2012 Census counted about 46 million uninsured Americans in the U.S. 

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