George W. Bush Will Go on the 'Tonight Show' Next Week

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George W. Bush will sit down for an interview with Jay Leno on November 19th, making the former president the latest in a string of high-profile political guests during Leno's last days at the Tonight show. Earlier this month, a post-shutdown Ted Cruz went on the show to talk about gun control, the shutdown, and how he's not in the Senate to make friends. And President Obama gave a wide-ranging interview to Leno in August. 

Apparently, Bush wanted one last interview with the host before Jimmy Fallon takes over the show in February. The former president's spokesperson Freddy Ford explained that "President Bush is going to be in the area next week so he was happy to accept Jay Leno’s invitation to drop by the show one last time.” This will be his fourth time on the show. His first two appearances were in 2000, as a presidential candidate. Then, Bush 43 appeared once more on the program after his time in office, to promote his memoir. 

While Bush has maintained a reputation of being relatively camera-shy following the end of his second presidential term in 2009, he's been making news a bit more often in recent months. Just last week, the former president drew criticism from many American Jewish groups for accepting an invitation to speak at a fundraiser for a controversial Messianic Jewish organization. Over the summer, we learned that Bush has spent a lot of his free time learning to paint. The George W. Bush presidential library also opened earlier this year. 

(photo: AP. The Bushes and Leno, at the 2004 White House Correspondents Association Dinner)

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