George W. Bush Paints Cats Now

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Courtesy of an otherwise annoying feature on young Barbara Bush's "perfect airy, one bedroom apartment" in Manhattan, Vogue brings us some Very Important Art News today: painter and former President George W. Bush has entered his cat period

We've known about W.'s painting hobby for a while now, but his favorite subject used to be dogs. The Wire's Elspeth Reeve has theorized that Bush is the dogs in his paintings — he is artfully representing the pain he feels over his lost presidency through the soulful eyes of golden retrievers. But now, cats.

Barbara reveals that her dad painted this portrait of her cat, Eleanor, as a Valentine's Day gift. According to the Daily Mail, Barbara shares Eleanor with her boyfriend. So perhaps this is her dad's way of telling her that even though she's an adult now, he will always love her (and her cat). The red tones in the background seem to amplify that message. Barbara appreciates the sentiment as well as the painting's artistic value:  "He’s an excellent artist," she tells Vogue

Incidentally, Barbara lives in a really nice apartment in the West Village. 

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