Florida Rep. Trey Radel Preferred Colombian Cocaine

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Prior to his leave of absence to seek help for addiction, Florida Representative Trey Radel had a preferred source for his cocaine. It was not American. 

It seems Radel, the embattled Florida Republican busted for buying 3.5 grams of cocaine from an undercover cop, used to talk about his drug use with friends before entering politics. In an interview with the Associated Press, brought to our attention by Talking Points Memo, Mike Adams, a former producer on Daybreak, Radel's pre-political career conservative talk radio show, said they used to about drugs. Particularly the two discussed the quality of cocaine in Colombia, then one of the Congressman's favorite vacation spot. 

Radel was a fan. "I would mention, 'How was the stuff?'" Adams recalls. "And [Radel] would say, 'Oh my God, it was phenomenal. Nothing like you get here.'" No American favoritism here. 

That Radel openly discussed his drug use with coworkers prior to his political career seems troubling. Though, there's a chance Radel kept his drug use private, and he merely noticed a kindred spirit in Adams. The AP notes Adams struggled with addiction too.  

Radel admitted in D.C. Superior Court this week to purchasing (overpriced) cocaine from an undercover officer in Washington's Dupont Circle. Shortly after, the Florida congressman said he would take a leave of absence from office, and entered a Florida rehab facility. Radel said he'd pay the $250 fine and a year of probation. 

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