Enviros to GOP: Cuccinelli's Defeat Just the Start

Terry McAuliffe got strong backing from the environmental community. (National Journal)

A myriad of factors combined to doom Ken Cuccinelli's gubernatorial bid, but environmental groups certainly played a role, reports The Hill. And Team Green has a warning for the other politicians who are unwilling to address climate change: You're next.

Terry McAuliffe's No. 2 cash donor? The League of Conservation Voters. The Sierra Club pitched in six figures as well. And total spending by green groups has exceeded that of fossil-fuel companies. "I think we have helped draw a clear contrast for voters in the race by prioritizing climate-change issues," said LCV spokesman Jeff Gohringer.

The Sierra Club is calling the race the start of a trend. "The Sierra Club is looking to do this in the next cycle," said Melissa Williams, the group's political director. "We want climate to be an issue that candidates are forced to take a side on. We won't be in every state in 2014, but we will look to evaluate places where the Sierra Club can be decisive and where we can move the climate conversation."