The Bodacious Babes of the Brosurance Movement

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Colorado Consumer Health Initiative is behind the Thanks Obamacare campaign's Got Insurance ads aimed at encouraging young Colorodan bros to get health insurance, and it's back with a new slew of ads mocking young stereotypes, but this time for the ladies. While certain Colorado representatives found the ads inappropriate (college students doing keg stands? Good heavens!) they connect to young healthy people — the most important demographic for the exchanges — in a way less bro-y ads probably don't. 

But what about the ladies, you might ask. What sort of bodacious babes benefit from Obamacare? Well, there's the "Do You Even Lift Drink Red Wine?" girl, who, along with her BFF, works out "to stay smokin' hot."

There's the "Hey Girl, Get Your Birth Control" girl, because Ryan Gosling knows you're excited about your easy access to birth control, the ad reads, and he's "excited about getting to know you." (See also: the "I'm so excited being a woman is no longer a pre-existing condition that I'm going to steal the Ryan Gosling cut out" girl).

Thanks Obamacare understands that birth control is a big deal for young woman, as are hot guys. Hence, the "Hope He's as Easy as My Access to Birth Control" girl, who hopes the guy next to her is as easy as her access to birth control is. Also, birth control doesn't protect against STDs, duh. 

Recommended Reading

The "Roller Derby Girl" is hardcore. She doesn't mess around, especially when it comes to insurance, since x-rays are expensive or whatever. 

The "Shotskis Keep Me Happy" girl puts shots on skis because apparently that's a thing people do in Colorado. Also, flu shots are good too. 

And, major bummer, there are the "I'm Pregnant/I Have a Child" ads, which aren't funny at all and actually advertise to young and/or single mothers who benefit from coverage for dependents and maternity care. 

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