Anti-Obamacare Group Bros Out with Booze and College Girls

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Generation Opportunity is a Koch brothers-funded group that wants young people to opt out of Obamacare because it's a "bad deal." We've noted before that GenOpp is still "working on" the math to back up this claim. Still, the group has been rolling along with its "Opt Out" campaign since September, offering up creepy Uncle Sam ads and now, apparently, booze.

GenOpp paid a visit to the University of Miami over the weekend, as Yahoo News' Chris Moody reports, plying (possibly underage) students a lot of booze and 75 pizzas. Whatever ghoul inhabits the Uncle Sam costume had fun posing with college girls. According to a video GenOpp Florida posted in its Facebook page, the tailgate party (organized in conjunction with the College Republicans) raged on into the nighttime hours. It doesn't look like a ton of messaging was going on, however — the video just shows drunk kids quizzically looking at Uncle Sam and then deciding to pose for pictures with him. GenOpp President Evan Feinberg can be seen in the background, holding a football. 

So why is GenOpp eager to tailgate with Miami bros? The group wants the health care act to fail. For Obamacare to work, young, healthy people have to opt in to offset the costs of the sick and elderly. So GenOpp and groups like it want young people not to buy insurance through the exchanges.

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GenOpp's pitch is that Obamacare is a "bad deal" for young people. They don't have the math to back that up. As we've shown before, the main impact of buying a plan buying outside of the exchanges is that it wouldn't be eligible for any tax credit subsidies, making it more expensive. 

GenOpp isn't getting bogged down by details, however. The important message is that it's cool to opt out of Obamacare, bro. In fact, that's basically their slogan. From another college event last week:

To be fair, some of Obamacare's marketing isn't much more sophisticated. Looks like everyone had fun though!

Photos via Generation Opportunity. 

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