Brighten Someone's Christmas with This Ornament George W. Bush Made

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George W. Bush is now mixing his two favorite things, painting and capitalism. For only $29.98, you can get a swell Christmas tree ornament depicting a painting he made of a cardinal, a painting Bush hopes "meets [your] expectations."

Here's The Dallas Morning News' report on this exciting development, via TPM.

Bush Presidential Library
The original was painted for a friend of Bush’s, Warren Tichenor, a San Antonio media executive and investor who was an ambassador in the Bush administration. Bush said his wife, Laura, liked the painting’s red and green hues.

He said that in this YouTube video, in fact, titled, "The Artist Behind the 2013 Bush Center Ornament." (Which is Bush!)

I'm flattered, and I hope my painting meets expectations.

You can buy the ornament at the Bush Presidential Center website. The Center, which Bush notes is pretty focused on his role on 9/11, is the beneficiary of the proceeds. We will note that it comes "in a red box with a silver foil imprint of the ornament on the front," which sounds nice. The painting doesn't have a title.

According to the Morning News, you can get other Bush-related gifts in case the cardinal ornament doesn't do it for you.

Other holiday gifts include a Timex watch modeled after the one that Bush wears, and a replica of the “Western White House” silk scarf that the Bushes would give to guests at their Crawford ranch in Central Texas.

The watch is 60 bucks and has Bush's signature engraved on the back.

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