Americans Have Had It with Obama and Congress

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According to Tuesday's Quinnipiac poll, President Obama just posted his lowest approval rating ever. Only 39 percent of Americans approve of the commander-in-chief; 54 percent disapprove. When it comes to Congress, people are even less confident. Tuesday's Gallup poll shows that just 9 percent approve of Congress, also the lowest approval rating in Gallup's 39-year history of asking the question. 

Gallup poll respondents find Democrats and Republicans in Congress to be doing an equally crappy job. Americans "favor" Dems by one percent, as shown in the table at right. The table also illustrates that despite the fact the shutdown is over, Congress' favorability rating continues to drop. 

For the president, Obamacare's troubled rollout and his "keep your plan" misrepresentation seem to have hit the hardest. A full 60 percent disapprove of Obama's handling of health care policy, and 52 percent find him to be untrustworthy. He's hit George W. Bush lows now, which we warned last week could happen

Members of Congress will surely go back and forth over who's to blame for dysfunction and disapproval. The Huffington Post's Sam Stein points out something about stones and glass houses:

Honeymoon's over. 

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