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Rep. Mick Mulvaney blasted a number of special funding perks in the Senate compromise debt deal that opened the government on Thursday. Only one of them, "special funds" for the Lord's Resistance Army, isn't actually in the bill. The Lord's Resistance Army is otherwise known as warlord Joseph Kony's violent rebel group. And no, the U.S. Congress didn't write in funding for his army into the government funding bill. 

The confusion was spotted first by the Huffington Post, which notes that Mulvaney's statement on the debt deal has now been updated to remove the line about the LRA. Here's his original statement

The South Carolina congressman's office may have become confused on America's (non) support for the warlord due to a provision in the bill that does, in fact, address the rebel group. A Reuters article outlining the special projects funded by the debt deal — there's a short list of them — notes that the measure includes an extension of Department of Defense's authority to support African countries currently fighting against Kony. That provision is more of a renewal of an existing initiative than anything: the department's authority to support the effort had expired

Mulvaney voted against the bill to reopen the government along with 143 other Republican representatives. 

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