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On this, the first day of October, the United States's elected officials refused to act like adults and shut down the government instead. The good news is that in doing so, they gave every newspaper editor in the country the opportunity to do something great and wonderful with their front pages. But there can only be one winner....

Fifth place: USA Today. C'mon, no sad faces? No sad Capitol building? A big "meanwhile" that segues into a graphic for another story? Fifth place for you USA Today.

Fourth Place: The Wall Street Journal. Now here's what we're talking about — the editors at the Journal went for a frown trifecta, and gave us a sad Harry Reid, a dejected Obama, and John Boehner's resting face. 

Third Place: The New York Post. We were expecting more from the Post. But apparently "motor psychos" and an Anna Kournikova feature were too delicious not to run. 

Second Place: The Washington Post's Style section. Technically, this isn't the front page of the paper (it should have been) which is why it's in second place: 

First Place: New York's Daily News. You win the morning. 

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