Obama Administration Aide Tweets Racial Slur, Apologizes

He quickly deleted it and apologized for a "horrendous typo."

President Obama speaks on the phone to natioinal volunteer leaders in battleground states from Air Force One, with White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer, October 24, 2012.  (National Journal)

A top Obama administration official Tuesday accidentally used the n-word on an official White House Twitter account.

"@jmartNYT also a much n----- factor on the right," Dan Pfeiffer, a senior Obama adviser, Tweeted in response to a New York Times reporter.

Pfeiffer deleted the Tweet shortly after, replacing it with an apology for what he labeled a "horrendous typo."

Pfeiffer presumably meant to write "bigger factor," as the letters "b" and "n" are adjacent on the "qwerty" keyboard.

Pfeiffer is one of the administration's most active Twitter presences, known for conversing with political reporters and taking on opponents with tough rhetoric. He has been on a Twitter tirade against Republicans throughout the debate over the government shutdown, haranguing House Speaker John Boehner over his refusal to hold a vote on a "clean" extension of the budget.

Pfeiffer's racial-slur typo prompted outrage from a host of Twitter users, and it caught the eye of the Daily Caller, which said that Pfeiffer is being shown a degree of understanding over the typo that would not be afforded to a Republican.

"Dan Pfeiffer is among the many people who get paid, with your tax dollars, to lie for the White House. Twitter is one of the places Pfeiffer tells those lies. But this morning, courtesy of New York Magazine, he used it to show us the truth about himself," wrote the DC's Jim Treacher. "I think we all know what happened here: Dan Pfeiffer is a huge racist, and for a brief moment he let the mask slip. Just kidding, of course. It's not like he's a Republican! Therefore, we must give him the benefit of the doubt that he meant to type 'bigger.' "

New York Magazine took a lighter tone in a piece headlined "And This Is Why You Should Always Double-Check Your Tweets Before Posting."