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In a Washington Post/ABC News poll released Monday afternoon, the shutdown has caused congressional Republicans' approval numbers to go down, and President Obama's approval numbers to go up. But neither have positive ratings overall. Currently, 70 percent of Americans disapprove of how Republicans in Congress are handling budget negotiations. Fifty-one percent disapprove of Obama's performance, and 61 percent disapprove of Congressional Democrats' negotiating skills. While the GOP fares the worst, nobody's really winning.

Some self-identified Republican respondents are happy with Republicans in Congress, but only because they share the same "very conservative" views as those congressmen who pushed for the shutdown:

Republicans who describe themselves as “very conservative” approve of Republicans in Congress by 68 to 32 percent. Those who are just “somewhat conservative” split 51 to 45 percent in two weeks of combined poll results.

This trend was also apparent in a CBS News poll released last Thursday. It shows that only self-identified members of the Tea Party approve of the shutdown.

To reopen the government, however, most CBS poll respondents think that both Republicans and Democrats should compromise. Seventy-eight percent said Republicans in Congress should compromise, and 76 percent said Democrats in Congress should compromise. The Pew Research Center found a similar trend in smaller numbers. In its poll, "44 percent say Republican leaders should give ground on their demand that any budget deal include cuts or delays to the 2010 health care law. Nearly as many (42 percent) say it is Obama who should give ground, by agreeing to changes in the health care law."

So according to the American people, everyone is kind of wrong, and everyone should compromise. Unless you're in the Tea Party, in which case the Tea Party is doing a great job.

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