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Page Six, the go-to source for dirt on where New York's elite like to lunch, strikes again. Huma Abedin, the Hillary Clinton aide and faithful wife to Anthony Weiner, was spotted eating a regular lunch -- not to be confused with a power lunch -- with none other than Vogue editor Anna Wintour. The New York Post's infamous gossip column reports the two powerful women were "publicly positioned," as if they dared to be seen while eating at Manhattan's Lambs Club on Friday. 

Their motives for lunching are unclear right now, though the Post's only source says the two powerful women are old friends catching up over a bite. The gossip sheet suggests the two were perhaps organizing Wintour's fundraising role in Clinton's upcoming (yet unconfirmed) presidential campaign. Or perhaps they were booking a comeback profile in Vogue to wipe away the stench of her husband's embarrassing defeat in the mayor's race. It's not like Abedin is a stranger to looking stunning in Vogue's glossy pages

Both theories make enough sense. Wintour was one of Obama's top donors in the last election. She held enough sway when the dust settled that she was considered for an ambassador's position. (She wanted Britain but couldn't have it.) Wintour also has never wielded more power behind the scenes at Nast than she does right now, since becoming the company's artistic director.

But we'd like to know what separates a normal, everyday lunch from a "power-lunch." Because that's what Abedin shared with Tina Brown in September, just days after Brown split from The Daily Beast. She arguably had no real power at all. Wintour gets a normal lunch like a peasant when she can move mountains at her publishing house, and on the campaign trail. 

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