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As you could probably have predicted, the video created as humorous tribute to former Vice President Dick Cheney at his roast earlier this month is neither humorous nor, frankly, much of a tribute.

Shared on Twitter by John Podhoretz of Commentary magazine (whose father appears at right), the eight-minute long video is basically one joke that goes on for about seven minutes and 45 seconds too long.

The gag: What if Dick Cheney were, for some reason, a 1960s folk rock singer except his songs were actually about, like, shotguns and war and stuff, but he still got popular anyway? And then, apparently, if he was featured on VH1's Behind the Music, a show which there is absolutely zero chance Dick Cheney has ever seen. (Imagine that darkened room, mild chuckles breaking as the video gets underway, Liz Cheney leaning over to her dad to explain the premise.)

If you like your hippies punched more thoroughly than a dead horse, this video is for you. If, on the other hand you like any these things …

  • Good jokes
  • Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, or The Beatles
  • Decently Photoshopped images (see image at top of article)
  • The 2008 election results

… you may not find this terribly funny. Not because it's so edgy and puts liberals in their place, mind you. Because it's dumb.

We will reserve one point of praise. The guy who was obviously heavily involved in the making of the video and who makes multiple appearances as several different characters (including Cheney's mother lol) within it had clearly been looking for an outlet for his "ashram yogi" schtick. Congrats to him for finding it.

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