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Something disturbing happened to Glenn Beck's daughter in the hospital, where she'd just given birth to her first child. The disturbing thing? A nurse suggested that Hannah Beck was poor.

That's not what she said, exactly, because we use code words when we talk about groups we don't like. Here's Beck's news website, The Blaze, summarizing the story as Beck described it on his radio show on Thursday.

[T]he nurse proceeded to offer this bone-chilling advice to the new parents: "Look, don’t shake the baby or you’re going to end up on the news."

"I'm sorry, do my children look like baby shakers?" Beck demanded. "So my daughter is having her first breastfeeding experience, with, I don’t know, somebody who lost their heart or something. I don’t know. And everybody has a bad day, but you don’t do that job and have a bad day."

Well, that's not exactly what Beck said. Here's the actual audio.

"Oh, but then she has some advice for them. [menacing voice] 'Look. Don't shake the baby, or you're going to end up on the news.'

"I'm sorry. Do my children look like baby shakers? Do my children look like white trash?"

Here, via Glenn Beck's personal site is a photo of this daughter and her husband, indicated with arrows, at their upstate New York wedding last year. Do they look like baby shakers? Like white trash? You be the judge.

Granted, the son-in-law probably wasn't in a tux in the hospital, but still! These are Brahmin, and nobility always shines through.

Incidentally, the moral of the story, according to Beck, was that thank God this was a "free market" hospital — unlike those insane Commie ones in Britain — because his daughter was able to complain about how this filthy scrubwoman had dared impugn her integrity. Hopefully, that nurse lost her job — but maybe learned a lesson.

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