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Disgraced former congressman and now-failed former mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner has once again emerged and is sounding a lot like a Scooby Doo villain. In an interview with GQ, Weiner says that he could have been king of New York City if it weren't for those meddling kids​ the Internet.  "Maybe if the Internet didn't exist? Like, if I was running in 1955? I'd probably get elected mayor," says the man who garnered 4.9 percent of the primary vote.

If we're going to add things like time travel to the list of variables that would help Anthony Weiner become mayor of the greatest city in the world, you could argue that maybe if Anthony Weiner weren't Anthony Weiner, he could probably get elected mayor as well. 

What exactly Weiner means by that statement isn't totally clear. Does he believe Internet gave him the avenue to send dirty messages to women he might not approach in real life? Or did the Internet give everyone the avenue to learn about how it gave him an avenue to send those dirty messages and then tear him apart for it? And if push comes to shove, we're totally with the Internet on this one. The Internet didn't grab Weiner's genitalia, position it under acceptable lighting, snap a photo, pick that photo from the album, type in Sydney Leathers's contact information and then hit "send."

I'm not even sure Weiner would have won in 1955. In 1955, his competition would have been Robert Wagner Jr., a man who went on to create and develop landmarks and institutions like Lincoln Center, public housing, the City University of New York system, Shakespeare in the Park, and he succeeded in promoting diversity in the city by eliminating housing discrimination and appointing minorities into roles in the city government. 

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