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At least Ann Coulter didn't just want to talk about Rampart. The conservative lightning rod took to Reddit on Monday to answer some questions, and, uh, it was a bit rough. Before Coulter even managed to successfully sign into her account, she'd already started comparing the entire site — which millions of users log onto every day without an issue — to Obamacare. 

Coulter's comparison of her experience to the troubled site is apt, but not for the reasons she might think. We're not sure of the exact chronology of events in Coulter's quest to sign up for health insurance answer a few questions on a long-running internet forum, but here are the results: Ann Coulter's Reddit thread was posted under the user ann_coulter1, who has answered zero questions, and is apparently the account Coulter failed to log in to earlier for reasons that are not entirely clear. Eventually, Coulter began answering questions on that thread from a second account, AnnCoulter_, which posted a second, abandoned, attempt to start an AMA in the wrong section of Reddit. That abandoned thread is titled "IamA n author AMA!" To make things even worse, Redditors "downvoted" many of her more combative answers so hard that they were hidden from view on the thread itself — meaning the only way to read what she said is to click through to her user profile, but not the one listed at the top of the thread, because that's the one she couldn't access. Got it? 

Good. Let's move on to the actual answers. It will surprise no one that Coulter answered some pretty combative questions from liberals with some pretty combative answers. But Reddit isn't really a liberal utopia, so Coulter faced plenty of questions from conservatives, and those previously unfamiliar with her oeuvre, too. Those answers were...disappointing. Here are a few of her non-answers 

Her non-answer on civility: 

Her non-answer on Ted Cruz: 

Her non-answer to a high school fan seeking advice: 

Pretty much any good AMA contains some bit of trivia about the participant that you never knew. Coulter's AMA managed to have one of these moments anyway — did you know that Coulter likes dogs better than people? 

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