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What do young people love? Animations, infographics and people sketching smiling faces on white boards. The Obama administration ran with that and just released "White House White Board: What ObamaCare Means For You" a video that tells you how awesome it's going to be under the Affordable Healthcare Act. It's a lot cuter than what happens if young people don't sign up for insurance under Obamacare, a phenomenon known as the death spiral.

In an accompanying statement, the White House said this video describes Obamacare in very "plain" language. It really does. The first line is "let's talk about the Affordable Healthcare Act, also known as Obamacare." "Oh, really," your friend who lives under a rock might say. "I didn't know they were the same thing." The video hits the key enrollment demographics by, among other things, reminding young adults they'll be insured until they're 26 and women that they won't be charged more than men, or charged extra co-pays for women's wellness visits. 

The cuteness campaign has also made its way onto the White House's tumblr page which, in itself, is an attempt to win the hearts of young people. In-between photos of inspirational Obama quotes and photos of the president posing with young children is a reblog earlier this week from the Adorable Care Act tumblr. It's not White House Official (though we wouldn't be surprised if it was the unofficial work of an ambitious White House intern) but it's pretty adorable. Some of the other Adorable Care Act posts are "Get all your ducks in an adorable row," "Kitten coverage 'til age 26: Prayers answered," and a picture of a baby sloth

With the news that the Obamacare exchanges aren't working like they ought to, the government's probably feeling the need to focus out attention somewhere positive, with cutely creative animation videos and reblogs of sad pandas being obvious choices. Of course, neither of these will sway any opponents. "Actually, the fact that Health insurance marketplaces open in 5 days is what makes me a sad panda…" Trevor Carlsen, a self-professed constitutional conservative, said yesterday on tumblr. You can't win them all, even with baby pandas.

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