Right-Wing Ad Equates Obamacare and Rape

A creepy new ad suggests if you sign up for Obamacare, you'll be raped by a scary Uncle Sam clown.

Just in case Republican efforts to repeal President Obama's health care law fail (and they almost certainly will), conservatives have a fallback plan ...

Generation Opportunity, a coalition of right-leaning groups with ties to the Koch brothers, has released a campaign video essentially telling college students that if they sign up for Obamacare, a man in a creepy Uncle Sam costume will jam a speculum down their vagina!

The ad is somewhat reminiscent of this Burger King commercial that involved a guy waking up with a scary clown king in his bed, but the political message is less abstract. In this case, the message is that the government is trying to forcibly rape women with a blunt metal instrument. For your consideration:

There's also a video aimed at college men in which the creepy Uncle Sam clown materializes out from under some near-child's exam chair to presumably fondle his prostate. Because that is what doctors do, right?

The videos, as Yahoo's Chris Moody tell us, are part of a much larger effort to persuade college kids not to sign up for the health coverage mandated by President Obama's new law, the enrollment period for which begins Oct. 1. The law relies heavily on the involvement of the young and healthy, who subsidize the old and sick.

Generation Opportunity will tour 20 college campuses later this month to spread this message, doing all the "cool kid" college activities, such as playing Cornhole and attending college-football tailgate parties, and passing out beer koozies that read "opt out." It'll be setting up stands alongside pro-Obamacare groups like Enroll America, passing out pizza and "literature," and trying to get kids to sign a pledge promising not to sign up for insurance under the new law.

Because nothing says cool like not having health care coverage, and maybe, if these ads succeed in scaring women out of the annual Pap exams they need, a diagnosis of cervical cancer.