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Hours from a government shutdown, GOP House Speaker John Boehner took to the floor to defend the latest attempt to pass a continuing resolution that would include provisions to defund or delay Obamacare. Boehner, who spoke to the president earlier Monday about the current Congressional negotiations (it was not a productive conversation), decided to address the Democrats' decision to not negotiate further on the bill by doing an impression of the president. It's...rough. 

"I talked to the president earlier tonight," Boehner said, and then dropped his voice into the impression. "'I'm not gonna negotiate. I'm not gonna negotiate. We're not gonna do this.' Well, I would say to the president, 'this is not about me. This is not about Republicans here in Congress. It's about fairness for the American people.'" Boehner was joined by Majority Leader Eric Cantor, who also spoke in support of the latest bill on the floor. That bill will almost certainly be sent back to the House by the Senate as soon as it gets its hands on it later tonight. 

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