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After both Jesse Jackson Jr. and his wife Sandi were sentenced to jail for crimes related to the former Congressman's misuse of campaign funds, another chapter in the son of Rev. Jesse Jackson's downfall begins: the auctioning of some of the couple's belongings, in order to pay a portion of the $750,000 money judgement against Jackson Jr. Those belongings include mink coats, Bruce Lee memorabilia, and a guitar signed by both Michael Jackson and Eddie Van Halen. 

The items, up for sale from the The U.S. Marshals Service, also include multiple mink and cashmere capes, along with a few other super fancy items of women's outerwear, and autographed Michael Jackson posters. There are 13 items in all. Given the hefty bill hanging over Jackson Jr.'s head, however, the auction prices are pretty low. One mink cape cost the couple $800 retail, but it's up on the auction block for $115

Other items are listed similarly cheaply: A Michael Jackson Thriller poster is up for $300, while the most expensive thing in the whole auction starts at just $50 more: an autographed Bruce Lee photo from "Fist of Fury." Bidding opens tomorrow and ends on September 26th. 

Jesse Jackson Jr. faced one count of felony wire and mail fraud related to the misuse of campaign money, about $750,000 of it in total. He was sentenced to two and a half years in prison. Sandi Jackson, meanwhile, will spend a year in prison for failing to report a portion of the couple's income on their tax returns, in a move related to her husband's campaign fraud. Sandi Jackson was also ordered to pay restitution, to the tune of $22,000. 

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