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Hillary Clinton has spoken for the first time since leaving her post as Secretary of State in the State Department and no, she still hasn't decided whether or not she will run for President in 2016, but Clinton does admit the Oval Office is on her mind.

"I do," wrestle with the idea of running for President, Clinton tells New York's Joe Hagan. "But I’m both pragmatic and realistic," she adds. "I’m not in any hurry," she tells Hagan later in the interview. "I think it’s a serious decision, not to be made lightly, but it’s also not one that has to be made soon."

But people are impatient and want to know now, Ms. Clinton. She's noticed the unquenchable thirst surrounding her potential run for office from former aides, donors and supporters. "She’s running, but she doesn’t know it yet,” one old Clinton ally tells Hagan."She’s doing a very Clintonian thing. In her mind, she’s running for it, and she’s also convinced herself she hasn’t made up her mind. She’s going to run for president. It’s a foregone conclusion," says another longtime friend.

And Clinton does realize people want her to run. She does, and she thinks it's bad for the country to get so ahead of itself. Everyone needs to chill for a bit and let Barack Obama do his job before focusing on his replacement:

“This election is more than three years away, and I just don’t think it’s good for the country,” she says. “It’s like when you meet somebody at a party and they look over your shoulder to see who else is there, and you want to talk to them about something that’s really important; in fact, maybe you came to the party to talk to that particular person, and they just want to know what’s next,” she says. “I feel like that’s our political process right now. I just don’t think it is good.”

So the upshot is that Clinton's still not going to answer 2016 questions, as she's explained slowly to the general public before, until she's good and ready. And she won't be ready for a long time, so we all have to buckle in and deal with it. 

In the meantime, Clinton's going to continue enjoying her vacation for her impossibly busy life. She spent the last 20 years working as the First Lady, as a senator, as the Secretary of State. That slate doesn't leave a lot of free time, something she's enjoying now for the the first time in too long. When we last checked with Clinton, she was enjoying napping and watching HGTV, like a real person who isn't destined for greater things. Now? She occasionally has to meet with Obama about complicated foreign policy matters, but it's mostly quality time with her husband and dog, full of family swims and walks and bein' all cute. "We get to be at home together a lot more now than we used to in the last few years... We have a great time; we laugh at our dogs; we watch stupid movies; we take long walks; we go for a swim," Clinton says. "You know, just ordinary, everyday pleasures."

But what about Bill, that husband, that former President she's spending so much time with? Does he think about a Hillary Clinton run for President occasionally? "I don’t think even he is, you know, focused on that right now," Clinton says. "Right now, we’re trying to just have the best time we can have doin’ what we’re doin’."

There, that's it. Let the love birds live already. 

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