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The #StopObamacare ad war continues with some horrifyingly creepy spots featuring Uncle Sam giving his victims the pap smear (and, for the guys, prostate exams) from hell. The ads are the demented brain children of Generation Opportunity, a right-wing group with financial ties to the Koch brothers. Thanks to those deep pockets, they'll be launching a six-figure ad campaign, along with a tour of 20 college campuses later this month. 

The first ad features a young women getting a run of the mill pap smear. Everything's going well, until a creepy Uncle Sam caricature — who looks more like a killer clown in a bad horror movie — pops out of nowhere wielding a speculum (as in, the thing the gynecologist uses to get you to open up).

And, not to leave the fellas out, there another ad featuring a nice young man also having his privacy invaded by the government. 

As The Atlantic Wire has noted, there's an advertising war going on ahead of Obamacare's health insurance exchanges opening for enrollment on October 1. The Heritage Foundation has purchased billboards in Times Square, while FreedomWorks has urged young adults to burn their Obamacare draft cards. And now these ads are trying once again to get young adults to opt out — if only the sick and the old sign up for Obamacare, the program will not be able to offer affordable health insurance, and that's the next best thing to killing it early. 

Unfortunately, either way, our friend the speculum's not going anywhere.

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