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Of all the candidates in New York City's mayoral race who walked in the West Indian American Day Parade on Monday, Anthony Weiner's performance was the most special, in that it could be seen as mocking the people whose votes he's trying to get. Standing atop a huge balloon-covered float, Weiner did a terrible Caribbean accent. "Anybody here from Jamaica? Anybody here from Barbados? Anybody here from Guyana?" Weiner said. He quickly dropped it, but not before it was taped. Here's the video from the New York Daily News:

It's one week till the primary on September 10, and public advocate Bill de Blasio is in the lead, according to two polls. Former frontrunner Christine Quinn, the speaker of the city council, is either in second or a close third behind Bill Thompson, the former city comptroller. At the parade, de Blasio and his family debuted "the smackdown," the family dance move, The New York Timesˆreports.

Here’s how it’s done: Put your right hand in front of your face, palm facing you. Circle your hand around your head, as though you were pretending to smooth your hair. Lick your fingers, slap the ground, and then jump back, shouting, “Smackdown!” while thinking happily about your commanding lead in the Democratic mayoral primary polls.

It looks like this:

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The parade is the city's biggest, and a chance to meet lots of voters. De Blasio was once in fourth place, and one reason for his gain is his growing support among black voters. De Blasio has 33 percent of their vote, to Thompson's 23 percent, Quinn's 9 percent, and Weiner's 13 percent, according to the Times's poll last week. That survey finds de Blasio leading overall with 32 percent of the vote to Thompson's 18 percent and Quinn's 17 percent. Weiner, who briefly led polls, stands at 11 percent.

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