The U.S. May Be Ready to Bomb Syria, but Can You Find Its Capital?

Try this exercise that lets you test your Syria knowledge against the general public. .photo.left{display:none;}

National Journal

America's missiles can — and likely soon will — find Syria's capital. But can America's citizens?

We're finding out, thanks to a new game from that asks users to pinpoint Damascus on a blank map, and then compare their geographic acumen with others.

Given some of the more embarrassing data about the public's ability to locate IraqAfghanistan, or even the United States of America on a map, there's cause for concern. But here's your chance to go toe-to-toe with the public. Try it out

For the record I was 76 miles off — about twice the distance between D.C. and Baltimore:

And here's how I stacked up with my previous 500 competitors: