San Diego Mayor Bob Filner Will Reportedly Resign

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NBC San Diego is now reporting that San Diego Mayor Bob Filner has finally agreed to resign, more than a month after sexual harassment allegations against him first surfaced. Since that time, at least 18 women have come forward to accuse him of inappropriate behavior, but Filner stubbornly refused to step down, even temporarily going into "therapy" in an attempt to keep his job. But with more accusers coming forward each week, and public opinion solidly against him, the pressure to quit seems to have become too much.

Filner has reportedly spent this week negotiating a graceful exit, one that might reduce his legal troubles and spare him and the city the cost of an embarrassing recall election. According to NBC, the San Diego city council will vote on the agreement during a closed-door session on Friday, at which time Filner will officially vacate the office.

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