Lindsey Graham: American-Born Al-Qaida Spokesman Should Be Killed 'Without Hesitation'

National Journal

Adam Gadahn has the rare biography of being both an U.S.-born American citizen and a spokesman for al-Qaida. Recently he posted a 39-minute video calling for more attacks against American diplomatic outposts, offering money for the killing of the U.S. ambassador in Yemen and for the deaths of American soldiers. The FBI lists Gadahn among itsĀ "Most Wanted" terrorists. He is wanted for treason and is worth $1 million to the person who aids in his capture.

In March, National Journal's Kristin Roberts reported that no Americans are on the government's so-called "Kill List" of terrorists who may be targeted by drones (The Obama administration has made the legal case that it has the authority to add Americans to the list.) But while Gadahn is a very visible and vocal member of al-Qaida, the U.S. may have little interest in his death. Roberts reported,

According to what officials have released about the criteria the U.S. government uses, a potential target must be a senior, operational leader of al-Qaida or an affiliated group who presents an imminent threat of violent attack against the United States.... While Gadahn, perhaps the best known of the group, rose quickly in al-Qaida's ranks, he serves as a propagandist, not an operational planner.

While we don't know if any names have been added to the list in the months since, we do know one thing: Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham would like Gadahn to be on it.

This morning, in no unclear terms, Graham posted his feelings to Twitter.

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